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UK, Europe and Beyond

Photograph The World

UK, Europe and Beyond

To be human is to explore. To be human is to be creative. That’s why we bring you Photo Roadtrips.

To be human is to explore.

To be human is to be creative.

That’s why we bring you Photo Roadtrips.

As photographers, we are always hungry for new experiences, new memories to forge. Sometimes, we find them on the doorstep but other times we need to look over the horizon. Photo Roadtrips offer you a rich and varied source of photographic opportunities and a chance to satisfy your appetite for travel, all in one. Our experienced guides and trainers are right there to support you, ensuring that you make the most of every minute behind the lens. 

Landscape. People. Wildlife.  Photographers, eat your fill.





Definition of the English Channel: A stretch of water that unites photographers with the treasures on the other side.

It started with Paris. And from that first photography adventure grew an unstoppable passion for European Roadtrips. Travelling down through France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy, we have continued, year on year, to share many fabulous experiences with photographers who love to travel. Shoot a host of different genres in magnificent locations. At the same time, soak up the culture of each region in the company of friends. What better way to improve your photography?

Lavender, Lakes and Mountains

Dancing through Europe with two ballet dancers

Put an amazing dancer in an incredible setting and you have a great shot. Put two dancers in iconic locations across France, Switzerland and Italy and the possibilities for the photographer are almost too good to be true. This is exactly what we are offering on our European Photo Roadtrip in June 2020.

Tuscany Photo Adventures

Photograph Tuscany: the Beating Art of Italy

Photograph Tuscany:

The Beating Art of Italy

This is the place where Renaissance art was born. Where better to revitalise your photography, your art, than here? A place where painters, sculptors and architects first found a new way forward. It’s no surprise that the natural world was a major driver of the change – Tuscany is spectacular in its beauty and diversity. We give you 5 days in a Tuscan villa shooting landscape and fashion.

Expect to be seriously inspired.

Experience Ireland and fall in love

The Wild Atlantic Way. Live it and you will love it. The places, the people, the photography. Inspiration is everywhere.

The West Coast of Ireland is nature’s expression of Fine Art. Writers, painters and composers have all been moved by to create their best works. Now, it’s your turn. A perfect backdrop for dance and art nude, the Wild Atlantic Way is best known for its landscape photography. It’s easy to see why. The loughs and magnificent mountain ranges of the Connemara National Park; the spectacular coastline with its miles of beaches and rocky outcrops; the sunrises, the sunsets and the glorious skies. And in the evenings, enjoy everything that true Irish hospitality can offer. It’s all here. What’s not to love?

The North Coast 500. Another Name for Adventure

For photographers, this is the jewel in the crown of Scotland. A treasure trove of images just waiting there for you.

There is a music in the landscape of the Scottish Highlands that calls to you like nowhere else in the world. It touches the heart. It stirs the soul. Camera in hand, it’s totally irresistible. As we wind our way along the route, we stop on the shores of spectacular lochs, pause to admire the majesty of the mountains and are drawn by the gurgle and rush of many a moorland stream. The bays, the beaches and caves… and the light! It’s all quite breathtaking. You might easily believe that nothing much has changed since the times of Robert the Bruce. Until the evening that is, when the hotels we have selected will give you a flavour of the region and an up-to-date taste of true Scottish hospitality.

Get your senses ready. You’re going to need all of them!







The story of Photo Roadtrips

It all started in 2012 with a photo roadtrip to Paris..

Venice Carnival 2020

Amazing costumes in a fantastic location

Both our 2020 trips are sold out but we do sometimes have cancellations. Complete the standby form and we will let you know if a space becomes free and put you on the advance list for 2021.

Safari 2021

South African Safari

AFRICA. It is said that all life originated in these lands. From the dry, arid summers to the lush green winter months, life finds a way to battle through the extremes that are Africa. Hear the calls that are carried on the wind from far, far away. It’s time. Mother is calling. The life force of a billion souls echoes across the ages as, together, they return to the Motherland’s spirit. To Africa.

So come to the wilderness; you’ll find me in the eyes of all my creations. Celebrate all that I, Nature, have to offer. Immerse yourself. See yourself. Find yourself and spread the word. We all belong.

The moment your boots hit the raw, red, sandy earth, you feel the energy rise through your body. Allow your defences to drop. This is where human and beast live alongside each other without barriers, so lift your head and let your soul soak it in.

Take your place at nature’s side. You are home. This is Africa.

What people say

You never know what you’ll get on one of the roadtrips, but I’ll guarantee it will be worth it 🙂
Mike Martin
Landscapes weren’t my thing, but that might be changing… I went on a trip with Appleton Photography Training to the Wild Atlantic Way, on the west coast of Ireland. There will be a blog about that soon, but for now let’s say it wasn’t all about mountains and seascapes. I’ll post some of those later.This is the boathouse at Westport Quay,a place I fell in love with.
Mel Pettit
You dont need to ask, this trip is awesome, Venice is wonderful at carnival full of glamour and lots of strange cross dressing people. In terms of photography its paradise with your own personal mentor to guide you, And Andrew Appleton now knows a couple of good places to eat and by the time you get there he will know more. It is a must go which is why I am going back for carnival 5 next year.
Jonathan Hilder
The game drives were certainly the highlight, seeing so many animals and birds in just a few hours. The guides made sure we maximised our time in the reserves so we could take plenty of photos with the aim of getting ‘that perfect shot’. My particular favourite was the giraffe, with their comic facial expressions. With guidance and suggestions on how to improve, my photography developed, especially the composition of a photograph.’ Mark Salter

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