Venice 2021 Carnival

Carnevale in Venice. If you are looking for something unique, vibrant and full of incredible photographic opportunities, this is for you. Always a fascinating place to visit, when it’s filled with mysterious masked characters, Venice becomes a veritable theatre of colour and intrigue.

During this period of feasting and celebration before the religious restrictions of Lent, you are free to mingle with the ‘players’ on their ‘stage’. And what a stage. Venice has the most amazing and varied backdrops against which to photograph your subjects; Andrew, your tutor and guide, will show you how to get the best out of the location, infusing your images with real Venetian romance. Whatever your level of experience, Andrew is here for you, so take advantage of his knowledge and advice.

A typical day

We rise early to make our way to St Mark’s Square where elaborately costumed figures are only too happy to pose for us. Whether it’s a beautiful sunrise or a morning cloaked in mist, each actor cuts a strikingly surreal figure. Gondolas, Renaissance architecture and the waters of the lagoon all contribute to a heady sense of place. This time of day is usually the best: humming with atmosphere but not too busy.

Back for a delicious breakfast at out hotel and then the choice is yours for a couple of hours. Watch the world go by with a coffee at our favourite pavement cafe, see the sights from a gondola, take a nap or do a spot of shopping. Then, perhaps a pizza, a pastry or an ice-cream and we’re off again with our cameras. Venice is essentially an archipelago of 118 islands connected by 400 bridges which span the canals of a shallow lagoon. A leisurely walk through the ancient streets or a water bus ride to an adjoining island – we are never short of opportunities and always surprised by the unexpected. Come the evening, we find a spot to capture the sunset. Then it’s time to enjoy the Italian cuisine and chat over a glass of wine. A perfect end to the day.

Plenty of personal choice

We try to make the two days as flexible as possible so that you get a blend of tuition, relaxation and good company. How you mix it up is absolutely your decision. If you wish to bring a non-photographer partner who will share your hotel room, that’s fine. If you’re happy, we’re happy but we make a point of keeping the number of photographers down to 6 so that everyone gets the attention they need from Andrew. Other than that, you’re here to enjoy Venice Carnival in your own style.

What are you waiting for?